Safety - It Is Our Top Priority

High Energy Sports is a leading innovator in safety and performance gear for a wide array of industries serving customers worldwide. We offer special project and OEM manufacturing for a broad spectrum of clients providing unmatched quality, service, and expertise. Don’t hesitate to contact us to see how our team of critical sewing specialist can work with you and your team to meet even the most demanding challenges.


High Energy Sports started by manufacturing custom Hang-Gliding Harnesses. Through the year’s innovations such as the "Higgins Hinge" (a 3-sided Velcro flap in the front of the Cocoon used for male "relief" on long flights), Universal Backpack (the Harness that turns into itself to form its own Gear Bag), and easy entry Side Zip Harnesses (such as the Tracer), have been a benchmark of High Energy Sports. Today High Energy Sports continues to sell and service its legacy products and strives to improve them every day to meet and exceed the needs of today’s Hang-Gliding Pilots.


Quantum Series parachutes were originally developed in response to problems encountered by pilots due to the failure modes of the more efficient hang glider wings. The revolutionary round airfoil of the Quantum produced a parachute that not only utilizes the traditional drag of the canopy, but also gives 360 degrees of lift. This lift is angled in such a way that the inflated parachute is trying to fly away from itself. This accounts for the tremendous stability characteristics of the Quantum Series parachutes as well as the slow rate of descent. Today Quantum Series parachutes are not only used in the Hang-Gliding and Paragliding industry, but can also be found in state-of-the-art aircraft built for recreation, aerospace launch and recovery, and are also used by emergency rescue agencies.


Over the past decade have become a fixture at amusement park, thrill ride, and zip lines all over the world. We are the exclusive manufacturer and service provider for the Skycoaster ® and Slotzilla brand of harnesses, as well as a variety of others you may have experienced in your own adventures and didn’t even know it. Contact us to learn more.


In the late 90’s after being called upon by other sporting enthusiast because of our high emphasis on safety, High Energy Sports began building Restraint Systems and Kevlar Blankets for Speed Boat and Auto Racing; and soon after expanded into Auto Racing Parachutes. Alongside our industry partners at Taylor Motorsports, High Energy Sports Drag Racing Parachutes can be found at many NHRA events all over the US. When speed and power is necessary to win the race, our high-quality drag racing cruciform parachutes have been found time and time again to outlast the competition.


For your convenience we have made several of our most requested documents available for PDF Download. These documents include our Harness Order Forms, Retail Price Lists, Parachute Manuals and other Parachute Documentation, and our Hang-Gliding Dealer Quiz in case you are interested in becoming a High Energy Sports Dealer. If you don’t see the documents you need here, please contact us and tell us what you need. We’re happy to assist.


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